Important information on BioEM2021

Authored by: Luc Martens

Published on: Aug 25, 2021

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The dates of BioEM2021 are approaching fast.

We are still faced with the COVID epidemy. Many of you may already be fully vaccinated, but some are not. Where the degree of vaccination is high, a positive effect on the number of infected persons in the hospital and in intensive care is observed.

In Belgium the situation is quite good with 89% of the adults fully vaccinated.

However, new variants, like the delta one, are still circulating.

Nevertheless, the extended LOC with representatives of different parts of the world, has decided that we continue with the preparation of the onsite congress in Ghent.

A lot of measures like wearing face masks, the traditional hygiene measures, CO2 measurement equipment, etc. will be taken to ensure safety of all congress participants. We will have a COVID coordinator onsite who will ensure that all measures are understood and followed up by all participants.

Having said that, the extended LOC will reevaluate the situation in a meeting on September 10.

For those who are registered for onsite participation, we will provide on our website the current Belgian requirements for entering the country and measures that are applicable in daily life and in events. But everyone will also need to get knowledge of the requirements that are applicable for returning from Belgium to their country.

An important flexible rule that also was decided by the extended LOC is the following: the early registration deadline is August 31. If you register (or have registered) for onsite participation, you will be able to downgrade the ticket to online participation at early registration rate even after the deadline. If you register (or have registered) for online participation because you are not sure that you will be able to travel to Belgium, you will be able to upgrade the ticket to onsite participation at early registration rate even after the deadline when you have a go to travel to Belgium.

The onsite registration will be closed on September 10!

I wish you a fine end of the summer holidays and hopefully we meet you in Ghent or online.

Luc Martens
Chair BioEM2021
On behalf of the extended LOC