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Society for Thermal Medicine

Location:  Clearwater Beach, FL (USA)

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2010 Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (APEMC)

Location:  Beijing, China


Note that a special seection on Biomedical EMC is planned on April 13-14, 2010.  Key topic areas:

  • RF Dosimetry
  • Biological Effects and Medical Applications
  • EMC in Medical Equipment

The aim is to provide a platform to discuss these common EMC concerns of biomedical work and to promote the progress of this research area. 

Registration fee for all participants is US$450, and no financial aid is available for invitees.  All participants are required to register

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Third International Conference of Applied Electromagnetism CNEA 2009

Conference titled "Potentialities of Electromagnetism in Medicine, Agriculture, Industry, and Environment".
Location: Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Contact:

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