In this issue: Valeri V. Lednev in memporiam; Kuster: transforming BEMS for the future; BioEM2009 information; Meet the board - member Nam Kim, Vijayalaxmi, Chiyoji Ohkubo, Joachim Schuz; 2010 BEMS meeting in Seoul; Carl Blackman - Discovering the way to a continued future. New ICNIRP publication: Risk factors for childhood leukemia. BEMS winter board meeting Zurich.

Most influential Bioelectromagnetics Journal paper by citation

A new award has been initiated by the Bioelectromagnetics Society, in addition to the previously announced Bioelectromagnetics Journal Best Paper Award, to recognize scientific and scholarly accomplishment in the form of a paper published in the Bioelectromagnetics journal.

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Bioelectromagnetics Vol 30, Issue #4 (May 2009) now online

Pulsed EMF effect on human mesenchymal stem cells; Children and exposure to mobile communication networks; Inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus growth induced by low-frequency EM fields; MRI-type high-strength magnetic field stimulation of megakaryocytic cells from human placental and umbilical cord blood; Dielectric parameters for lipid bi-layers; Blood laboratory findings in patients suffering from self-electromagnetic hypersensitivity; Exposure and SAR measurements in the near field of mobile phone base stations; and Teratological evaluation of mouse fetuses exposed to 20 kHz EMF are just

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Published on: Jun 01, 1996

The meeting took place in Victoria, B.C., Canada in 1996.

Published on: Dec 01, 2008

BioEM2009 information. Board meeting minutes: #102, #103.

Published on: Oct 01, 2008

Appeal for interaction mechanism-driven research. Mobile Telecommunications Research Program. Workshop on Biological Effects of EMFs. BEMS Journal Best Paper Award. NRCP releases report. Society hit by fraud scam.

Published on: Aug 01, 2008

PRESIDENT’S COLUMN: Pledge for Honest, Open, Fair but Tough Scientific Discourse. Setting meaningful limits. Conclusion of Danish mobile phone program.

Published on: Jun 01, 2008

Published on: Apr 01, 2008

A summary of the newsletter.

BEMS winter board meeting

The BEMS board convenes for winter board meeting in...