2013 Candidate for President: Christopher Portier, United States

I received a B.Sc. degree (1977) in mathematics and M.S. (1979) and Ph.D. (1981) degrees in biostatistics. I have authored more than 200 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. I recently retired from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta where I was Director of the National Center for Environmental Health and Director of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.  Prior to CDC, I was at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences where I served as the NIEHS Associate Director, Director of the Environmental Toxicology Program, and Associate Director of the National Toxicology Program.

My experience with EMF revolves mostly around reviewing the literature and leading or being a member of groups of scientists evaluating the risks from exposures to EMF.  I lead the EMF-RAPID risk assessment for ELF-EMF for the US and was lead author on the final report.  I served on the IARC Expert Panel reviews for both ELF (in the toxicology working group) and RF (chairing the mechanisms working group).  I also chaired the WHO technical panel that evaluated standards for ELF.  Finally, I am a member of the scientific advisory committee for the Dutch National Program on EMF research (ZonMw).  I am currently involved in one RF research effort focused on evaluating the genomics literature.

One important skill required for the President of BEMS is leadership.  I have extensive experience in leadership roles as noted above serving as Director of several large scientific agencies and as Chair of numerous scientific committees.  I would bring these skills to bear on the issues facing BEMS.  I believe in an open dialogue and would make certain that the membership was kept informed of all issues and activities related to BEMS.  I would also work to improve the stature of BEMS by linking the science being done by BEMS members to the Society; focusing on high quality science as the primary reason for BEMS existence.  I believe the Society is primarily there to encourage the exchange of ideas and the development of collaborations that will allow you, the members, to tackle the critical research gaps in the various areas of EMF research.  My overall goal will be to foster those interactions and strengthen the ability of BEMS members to conduct their research.