Nominations Sought for Board Candidates

Two deadlines are ahead for members wishing to submit names to appear on the next ballot for Board Members in The Bioelectromagnetics Society.

  • January 7, 2013 is the deadline for petitions signed by 5% of the qualified (voting) members.  For the upcoming election, this requires twenty signatures.
  • February 7, 2013 is the deadline for receipt by the Chairman of the Nominating Committee of nomination suggestions for the ballot (to be considered by the Elections committee)

Any full member of BEMS may nominate a candidate(s) by petition, by-passing the Nominating Committee process for naming candidates.  The nominee must consent to stand for election and should submit with the petition a short biographical sketch and photograph, which will appear with the Ballot Materials.  The format of the sketch should follow the guidelines as follows:  Total Length:  8 - 10 typed lines; Format:  LAST NAME, First (or normally used) name, middle initial; present job title and affiliation.  Education.  Professional employment history.  Highlights of research and/or professional activities.  Research interests.  Professional societies, etc.

Alternatively, any member may make suggestions to the nominating committee if done before February 7, 2013.  Similar to the petition process, the candidate should have expressed a desire or willingness to run for the office, and a biographical sketch will be needed for the ballot.

Nominations are open for the following positions.  Each is a three year term, ending in 2016:
•    Vice President/President Elect
•    Secretary
•    Board member representing Biological/Medical Sciences
•    Board member representing Engineering/Physical Sciences
Dr Joachim Schüz
Section of Environment and Radiation
International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)
150 Cours Albert Thomas
69372 Lyon CEDEX 08, France

The origin of nominations, whether by petition or Nominating Committee action, will not be designated on the official ballot and the candidate's names for each position will be in alphabetical order.