BIOEM 2014 Cape Town

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June 9-13, 2014
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I am very pleased to welcome you all to Cape Town on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). Cape Town is a great conference venue and one of the most loved cities in the world.


BioEM2014 will be held in the Victoria and Alfred waterfront. The waterfront started off with a small jetty, built by Jan van Riebeeck in 1654 as part of his task to establish a refreshment station at the foot of Africa for the Dutch East India Company. Today the V&A Waterfront is situated in the heart of Cape Town's working harbour and offers the visitor an abundance of unforgettable experiences. Indoor shopping and entertainment venues seamlessly merge with ocean vistas and mountain views and the fresh sea breeze and warm African sun add zest to a cosmopolitan, vibrant atmosphere. More than 80 restaurants bring a fusion of international food, from rustic al fresco fish and chips to starched table-cloth cuisine.


The platform presentations and most activities will take place at the Table Bay Hotel in the waterfront, while the poster sessions will be held at the Clock Tower Centre which is located a short walk away. During the meeting there will be sufficient time to meet with old colleagues and make new friends at the tea/coffee breaks and lunch which will be served at the venue.


We are very thankful for the generous support of our sponsors, listed in this booklet and on the meeting website. A word of thanks also to Suné and Dawne from Consultus, who assisted with the numerous details in arranging this conference.

Welcome to Cape Town!


Marnus van Wyk
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee

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Joint Meeting of The Bioelectromagnetics Society and the European BioElectromagnetics Association
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Dear colleagues,

Welcome to Cape Town! The trip on the Joint Annual Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS) and European Bioelectromagnetics Association (EBEA) continues this year in the southern hemisphere, aboard BioEM2014. The city hosting this year's meeting is known not only for its cosmopolitan flair but also for its Mediterranean style, thus connecting BioEM2014 with its predecessor in Thessaloniki. We hope that all participants will enjoy both the social as well as the technical program of our annual meeting, which remains the major opportunity for presenting the state-of-the-art in bioelectromagnetics research and stimulating fruitful exchange of ideas, in addition to catching up on old friendships.

According to the long-standing agreement between the two organizing societies, each has provided one technical program co-chair who, together with the Technical Program Committee (TPC) and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), have planned the content of the meeting, taking into account the input received from society members on suggested workshop and tutorial subjects.

This year we have planned for three plenary sessions. The first one is about the electromagnetic field (EMF) effects on fauna. We believe that this topic bears a great potential on revealing the mechanisms of interaction between EMF and living organisms. Moreover, we found it very appropriate for the location of the meeting, since South Africa's national parks consist of over 37'000 km2, about 4% of the total country's area. The second plenary session concerns the latest advances in medical imaging with non-ionizing radiation both in high and low frequencies (microwave imaging and electrical impedance tomography). In our opinion, health applications of EMF is a very topical area attracting a large part of recent research, so we thought of highlighting the aspect of diagnostic techniques this year (last year in Thessaloniki we heard some very interesting developments about therapeutic effects). Finally, a third plenary session was scheduled on mechanistic effects of EMF, since this is a central issue in understanding their interaction with biological matter.

Considering that the d'Arsonval lecture can be counted as a tutorial to young and experienced researchers alike, we have planned for a tutorial on each day of the conference targeting the groups of participants who would like to either receive an introduction to the multidisciplinarity of bioelectromagnetics or update their knowledge on a specific subject. As for the technical papers themselves, we have received more than 200 submissions. The requests for a platform presentation have reach almost the double of the number of available time slots, even with the  'hot topic' session having been replaced by a normal platform session, since this year we decided that there was not a single development in the field that could justify a 'hot topic' session. Therefore, to populate platform and poster sessions we heavily relied on the work performed by the members of the TPC and the final ranking of papers, each of which was scored by at least five different reviewers.

All possible effort was taken this year to number posters according to the keywords suggested by the authors, so that their presentation at the venue can be clustered accordingly, thus facilitating participants with specific interests to interact faster with the authors. Of course the flash poster presentations introduced last year will take place again, giving students the chance to compete for one of the best paper awards.

Finally, this year we have received suggestions for themed workshops that will concern ethical and social issues in bioelectromagnetics research, the practical implementation of the EMF directive on occupational exposure, and the latest developments in epidemiological exposure assessment.

We genuinely hope that you will enjoy all the above, which could not have been organized without the help of the TPC members and the hard work of Drs. Jeffrey Carson and Astrid Chamson-Reig from Lawson Health Research Institute in Canada. Thank you all for your invaluable contribution!

Phil Chadwick and Theodoros Samaras

Co-Chairs of the Technical Program Committee

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