Published on: Oct 15, 2012

DATE: October 12th, 2012

TO: All Voting Members

FROM: Jonna Wilen, Secretary


The d'Arsonval Award is presented by the Society to recognize extraordinary accomplishment within the discipline of bioelectromagnetics.  The D’Arsonval Award recipients include: 

  1. 1985 - Dr. Herman P. Schwan, University of Pennsylvania
  2. 1987 - Dr. Arthur W. Guy, University of Washington
  3. 1989 - Dr. W. Ross Adey, VA Hospital, Loma Linda
  4. 1991 - Dr. C.A.L. Bassett, The Bioelectric Research Center
  5. 1993 - Dr. Carl Durney, University of Utah
  6. 1995 - Dr. Om P. Gandhi, University of Utah
  7. 1999 - Dr. Nancy Wertheimer, University of Colorado
  8. 2001 - Dr. Thomas S. Tenforde, Battelle
  9. 2003 - Dr. James C. Lin, University of Illinois, Chicago

10.  2006 - Dr. C.K. Chou, Motorola Florida Research Lab

11.  2007 - Dr. Eleanor Adair, Yale University and Brooks City Base.

12.  2010 - Dr. Shoogo Ueno, Kyushu University

13.  2011 - Dr. Marvin C. Ziskin, Temple University Medical School

14.  2012 - Dr. Niels Kuster, IT’IS, ETHZ Zurich

Nominations are now being solicited for the 15th Award.

The procedure for administering the Award is attached.  To summarize: a Full, Charter or Emeritus Member of BEMS  may nominate any person on the basis of extraordinary accomplishment in bioelectromagnetics;  membership of the nominee is not a prerequisite.  At its February  2012  meeting the BEMS Board agreed that candidates should be nominated in a letter  signed by one or more  members. This is a departure from previous practice in that we used to  accept multiple letters of nomination for a single candidate.

Nominations will be considered by the Awards Committee and the letter (signed by one or multiple BEMS members) and supporting documents together with the recommendations of the Committee will be presented to the Board of Directors at their winter meeting / electronic board meeting for  decision.

All nominations and correspondence about the Award should be addressed to the Chairman of the Awards Committee: 

Meike Mevissen

Vet.- Pharmacology & ToxicologyUniversity Bern

Laenggassstrasse 124

CH-3012 Bern, Switzerland

Phone: +41 31 631 2231 Fax: +41 31 631 26 30 Email:


To ensure time for consideration by the Awards Committee, all nominations and supporting materials must reach the Chairman of the Awards Committee by December 10, 2012.


Description:   The purpose of the d'Arsonval Award is to recognize outstanding achievement in research in bioelectromagnetics.  The award consists of a silver medallion, a silver lapel pin, an illuminated testimonial and a US$2,000 honorarium, which are presented at the BEMS Annual Meeting.  The award shall be given from time to time at the discretion of the Board of Directors, but no more than one award shall be given in any one year.

Eligibility: The sole requirement is extraordinary accomplishment within the discipline of bioelectromagnetics, which can consist of exceptional scientific accomplishments or practical application of electromagnetic fields for human benefit.  Membership in BEMS is not a requirement.

Criteria and Procedure for Selection of Candidates: The Awards Committee administers the Award.  Six members constitute the Committee, appointed by the President with the approval of the BEMS Board.  Each member serves a three-year term on a rotating basis.  Three members each represent engineering and physical sciences, and experimental biology and medicine.  A seventh member, a Chairman, is selected from the BEMS Board of Directors and will be a nonvoting member except in the case of a tie vote.  Previous Award winners shall be included on the Awards Committee for a period of 5 years after receiving the Award.  The Committee shall include consideration of nominees from the previous five years without renewed nomination letters.

a) Selection of Recipient:  Notice of the Award shall be published in the BEMS Newsletter, and Members are invited to submit names and any supporting information to the Chairman of the Awards Committee.  The Committee shall evaluate the credentials of an individual proposed by any Member of the Society.  Once one or more candidates have been considered as qualified for the Award, the Chairman will transmit in confidence a written recommendation with supporting information to the Board.  The Board, in turn, may reject or accept any or all candidates during any calendar year.  Acceptance of any candidate will require a two-thirds majority vote by the Board, with a quorum present and the Chair of the Awards Committee ineligible to vote.  Only one Award shall be given in any year.  The Board may, if requested, authorize travel support to help cover the cost of the attendance of the nominee to the Annual Meeting.

b) Restrictions:  No member of the Board of BEMS or the Awards Committee shall be considered a nominee for this Award during his/her tenure.  Board and Committee members do not submit letters of nomination during their tenure.

c) Timing:  Decisions regarding the d'Arsonval medal shall be made by the Board during the Winter Board Meeting before the Annual Meeting at which the award is to be presented.  Immediately after the decision, the Chairman of the Awards Committee shall notify the candidate(s), ensure his/her attendance at the Annual Meeting, and request that the candidate present a lecture at the Meeting.  The name of the candidate and the title of the lecture shall be published in the program of the meeting.