Membership Asked to Make Changes in Constitution and By-Laws

BEMS Secretary Jonna Wilen recently sent an email message to all members in good standing of The Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS) describing proposed changes to the Constitution and By-Laws of BEMS.

Summary of the proposed changes to the Constitution:

•    Reduce the size of the Board from eighteen to in total twelve members including President, President-elect, Past President, Treasurer, Secretary, Editor in Chief and six Board members (Three each for Biological/Medical Sciences and Engineering/Physical Sciences).

•    Remove the informal practice that has grown up over the years of regarding editors of Society affairs publications (e.g. Newsletter editor and website editor) as permanent ex officio members of the Board, leaving the flexibility to invite the Newsletter or future editors of other possible publications to specific Board meetings

•    Explicitly specify the length of the term for the Secretary to three years.

Summary of the proposed changes to the By-Laws:

•    Introduce web- or phone-based Board of Directors meetings to allow the Board to hold meetings more frequently and allow decision-making without face-to-face meetings. This also would allow the Board to react more quickly to unforeseen challenges.

•    Introduce a broader and more flexible description of administrative support that can be appointed by the Board.

•    Transfer the administrative tasks associated with elections from the election committee to the Secretary.

The proposed amendments to the Constitution and by-laws will be discussed at the Annual Business Meeting in Brisbane, Australia.  Members who wish to submit comments outside of the Annual Business Meeting are invited to submit them to,  They will be collected and published in the next newsletter, along with a summary of comments made at the Annual Business Meeting.

The processes to change the Bylaws and the Constitution differ:

All members will receive copies of the Amendments to the Constitution in their final form not later than eight weeks after the Annual Business Meeting (i.e., before August 16, 2012).  An electronic voting procedure will take place in early autumn with the results announced electronically and also at the next Annual Business Meeting.  Adoption of the Amendment to the Constitution requires not less than two-thirds of the Members voting.

The amendments to the Bylaws will be discussed at the Annual Business Meeting in Brisbane and voted on at an executive session of that meeting.  An affirmative vote of two-thirds of Members present is required for passage. The results of that vote will be announced in the next newsletter.