2012 EBEA International School of Bioelectromagnetism A. Chiabrera

Each year 100 million patients are exposed to strong static and low frequency magnetic fields while having a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) proceedure. Each year most of humanity it exposed to weak extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields from electric power generation, distribution and use. Given this enormous exposure burden to humans and other biological organisms it is surprising that we still know so little about biological effects and, if there are effects, if they are detrimental.

The "EBEA International School of Bioelectromagnetism A. Chiabrera" willl be held at the E. Majorana Foundation and Centre of Scientific Culture in Erice, Italy from Sunday, November 25 to Saturday December 1, 2012 to focus on these issues.  

The Erice-EBEA school curriculum will cover
a) fundamental physics, including dosimetry and
b) relevant data from biological systems from cell free systems to humans.

These topics will be structured with respect to candidate biophysical and biochemical mechanisms including consideration of the target of the initial transduction mechanism and the importance of the choice of the experimental observable. The Erice-EBEA school will end with a consideration of what future experiments and scientific endeavors are needed to allow informed decision making with respect to exposure guidelines and further development of medical and non-medical applications.

  Day 1 - Exposure metrics including related physical concepts
      Magnetic Field Exposures from MRI now and in the future
      Magnetic Field Exposures from power generation distribution and use now and in the future
      Magnetic Field Exposures from current therapeutic and future therapeutic
      Concepts in Risk Assessment including Detrimental effects and Stochastic

  Day 2 - Concepts in Biophysical Detection Mechanisms and Role of
      Experimental Observable
      Induced Currents
      Magnetic dipoles including iron magnetite and ferritin
      Free Radical Mechanism including effects of visible light exposure
     Resonance Mechanisms associated with metallo-protein targets
      Common considerations such as stochastic resonance

  Day 3 - Biological Data Supporting Each Proposed Mechanisms for Both
      High and Low Exposures
      Induced Current - data for and concepts of threshold effects.
      Magnetic Dipoles - data for and con - data still needed.
      Free Radical Mechanisms including data from animal orientation and nociception
      Resonance Mechanisms - data for and con - including noise considerations

  Day 4 - Scientific Basis of current exposure limits:
      For MRI
      For Electric Power Generation, Distribution and Use
      For Medical Therapy Devices
      For Consumer Products

  Day 5 - Identifying the gaps and proposals for future experiments and theoretical studies
      For MRI
      For Electric Power G,D and Use. Note that this would be different for line workers vs other workers vs non-workers
      For Medical Therapy Devices
      For Consumer Products
  Note that this Day 5 would be presented by students who had been working
  on this over the previous 4 days.

For more information, please contact Ferdinando Bersani (ferdinando.bersani@unibo.it)