filedepot setup

To change the window width change in initapplication.js file:

Dom.setStyle ('FileDepot', 'width', document.getElementById (content). Width + 'px');


General install instructions

To install, be sure to follow instructions in module readme exactly.  with 6.12 several thrid party libraries were removed from the distro and need to be placed in /sites/all/libraries

Setup of yui2


  1. Download yui 2.7.0 from
  2. Extract to public_html/sites/default/files on bems server.  In my case extracted to folder called yui2
  3. Then set location of yui2 in filedepot settings to


Setup of private folder


  1. Create private folder called public_html/filedepot_private or some other relevant name
  2. use /home/bems6519/public_html/filedepot_private/ as the secure storage root path in filedepot settings
upload button not appearing.
moved location of libs to 
tried google location

Library sources



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