Helsinki Appeal 2005

An EMF activist group based in Helsinki, EMF Team Finland, is circulating a petition—The Helsinki Appeal 2005—calling on the European Parliament to act promptly to adopt a new EMF safety standard in the European Union, especially for RF frequencies used by mobile telecommunications. According to writers of the Appeal, limits in the current ICNIRP standard are “obsolete.”

The movement was initiated by a Helsinki dentist, Risto Juusela, and is styled after the Freiberger Appeal, according to organizers. Many BEMS members were introduced to the petition in early January when the Appeal was posted to the BEMS Chat Group online.

Electronics engineer and EMF Team Finland spokesman Matti Wirmaneva, who is also active in the group Electrical Hypersensitives in Finland [Suomen Sähköyliherkät ry], explained to the BEMS Newsletter that the Team was approached by Juusela and agreed to circulate the appeal because it fits the EMF Team’s overall vision and goals. Wirmaneva said, “The most important goal made for our team was to influence authorities and politicians to adopt new safety standards based on biological effects of non-ionizing radiation, especially on RF-levels. This is just the opposite to what our World Health Organization is carrying out with its harmonization project of today.”

The Helsinki Appeal says ICNIRP’s current exposure limits “do not recognize the biological effects caused by non-ionizing radiation except those induced by the thermal effect,” therefore they have become obsolete and “should be rejected.” Physicians and researchers are asked to sign if they “feel great concern about the Precautionary Principle not being sufficiently applied to the electromagnetic fields, especially in the radio- and microwave frequency bands.”

More information on Suomen Sähköyliherkät ry—”Electrical Hypersensitives in Finland,” and the Helsinki Appeal is available at