Bernard Veyret’s Speech Celebrating EBEA’S 20th Anniversary

Editor’s note: To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the European Bioelectromagnetics Association in December 1989, Bernard Veyret gave the following address at the social event of the recent joint meeting with BEMS in Davos, Switzerland)

Dear Friends,

Let me tell you the story of my tribe. It is also the story of global warming between the tribes.

The name of my tribe is EBEA. I am one of its elders and its leader goes by the name of Carmela [Marino].

In the beginning, that is 20 . . . thousands of years ago, there was a group of 5 hunters who started this new tribe. I was among them.

Editor’s note: Shown in this photo from 1989: Alejandro Ubeda (Spain), Alessandro Chiabrera (Italy), Jocelyn Leal (Spain), Richard Dixey (UK), Bernard Veyret (France). Note that Maurice Hinsenkamp (Belgium), not Alejandro Ubeda, is the fifth co-signer of the EBEA charter.

One of us left the tribe, and our wise man, my friend Alessandro [Chiabrera] passed away: there are diseases that we still cannot heal . . . even using invisible waves.

A thousand years later, my tribe became known as EBEA. It originated in the territory of Europe.

This was the ancient times, before the cell phone, when there were no EMFs, that is ElectroMagnetic Fears, when we used to talk to each other face to face, and when the people of the Italian tribes could use their two hands to talk.

The leader of our new tribe is called Jocelyne [Leal]. She lives in Iberia and we miss her tonight, as she did not want to make this long journey to the Helvetian mountains, using the big birds of Iberia, because she wanted to save money and flight global warming.

In the early days of the EBEA tribe, I travelled with Jocelyne to meet with the other older tribe, named BEMS. This encounter took place long ago in a big village called Stockholm in the very far north. The encounter between the two tribes was not very peaceful. Jocelyne was scared that these tall men from the Americas might take our money, and I did not want them to steal our women!

There was a lot of screaming and tears at this gathering, but we survived: you had to be tough at the time. We thus never became a vassal tribe . . . and now we share a journal.

Since then, we have made peace and organized common gatherings such as the one in Dublin, in the land of the black beer, and this one in Davos.

The two tribes still fight each other at times but we have left our sharp stone weapons at home and we new use a new soft and round weapon which we call the microphone. Soon we may be using the nanophone . . .

I won’t be with you all on Friday for the hot topic session. It is too hot for me, and I need the 12-hour train journey back to my cave [in Bordeaux] to write my new book. Its title won’t be “why I ate my father”* nor “are EMFs helping us prevent global warming” but rather “how I ran away from the dinosaurs” because the big news is that the EMF dinosaurs are back . . . and they could become an internal threat to our tribes! A few of them have made it all the way to Davos. Please shut me up before I become one of these dinosaurs.

But before you do shut me up, I want to thank the local Helvetian tribe for organizing this underground gathering in their huge cave known as the Davos Congress Centre. This tribe is best known as the “men in black.” Its charismatic leader, known by the name of Niels [Kuster], is a wise man. He is living proof of both evolution and global warming, as he does not need much fur on top of his head. This might be why he has a thousand new ideas per minute!

However, in the advent of global warming, he should know better and start clothing his tribe with white fur. . .

He had the wise idea to gather us high up in the mountains. I live in Bordeaux which is only l40 metres above sea level. This means that my tribe, EBEA, will be able to organize there some of our next gatherings in the next few thousands of years before the tide reaches us.

Long life to our two tribes!

Editor’s note: in this photo from 2009 are Paolo Vecchia, Fernando Bersani, Bernard Veyret, Yngve Hamnerius, EBEA President Carmela Marino, and Maurice Hinsenkamp)

* Roy Lewis, published 15, 000 years ago [Pourquoi j’ai mangé mon père (translation: Why I Ate My Father), 1960, Roy Lewis, Vintage Contemporaries Press.]