2008 Most Influential Journal Awards

Authored by: James Lin

Published on: Jul 01, 2009

It is my pleasure to announce the first awards of the Bioelectromagnetics Society’s new Most Influential Bioelectromagnetics Journal Paper by Citation Award for an article published in Bioelectromagnetics during the past 5 years (e.g., 2003– 2007 for the 2008 evaluation cycle). Awards were presented by the Society’s President Niels Kuster, during the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, held in Davos, Switzerland on June 14-19, 2009, to authors of the following three papers.

First Place: Haarala C, Björnberg L, Ek M, Laine M, Revonsuo A, Koivisto M, Hämäläinen H. Effect of a 902 MHz electromagnetic field emitted by mobile phones on human cognitive function: A replication study. Bioelectromagnetics. 2003 May; 24(4): 283-288.

Second Place: Mashevich M, Folkman D, Kesar A, Barbul A, Korenstein R, Jerby E, Avivi L. Exposure of human peripheral blood lymphocytes to electromagnetic fields associated with cellular phones leads to chromosomal instability. Bioelectromagnetics. 2003 Feb; 24(2): 82-90.

Third Place: Krause CM, Haarala C, Sillanmäki L, Koivisto M, Alanko K, Revonsuo A, Laine M, Hämäläinen H. Effects of electromagnetic field emitted by cellular phones on the EEG during an auditory memory task: a double blind replication study. Bioelectromagnetics. 2004 Jan; 25(1): 33-40.

These papers were selected from among the primary research articles on recommendation of the Editorial Board of Bioelectromagnetics and approved by the Board of Directors of the Bioelectromagnetics Society. In addition to the certificate, the recipients of the First Place Award also received a monetary prize. Our sincere congratulations to these authors for their scientific and scholarly accomplishments.