In early February 2010, members of the BEMS Board of Directors gathered in San Antonio, TX for the Winter Board meeting.  Prior to this, President Michael Murphy welcomed attendees to the BEMS Winter Symposium held at the Directed Energy Bioeffects Division of Brooks City Base in San Antonio.

The Winter Symposium featured short presentations by BEMS board members Tom Vernier, Maria Scarfi, and Andre Pakhomov on their research related to short duration (nanosecond) electromagnetic pulses.  Additional presentations were given by Brooks City Base staff members Bennett Ibey, Jonathan Kiel, Stephanie Miller, Jerry Wilmink, and John Ziriax.  Attendees then toured the facility.

Despite stormy conditions upon arrival at San Antonio, the Texas sun came out long enough to give attendees and board members (Left to right:  Luigi ??, Andre Pahkomov, Tom Vernier, Maren Fedrowitz, Phil Chadwick, Maria Scarfi, Janie Page, Carl Blackman, Anne Rajnicek, Darius Leczynski, Jerry Wilmink, Niels Kuster, Andrew Wood, Osamu Fujiwara, Mike Murphy, ??, Vijay, Indira Chatterjee, David Black, and Jim Lin) a chance to give a Texan salute (facilitated by President Murphy) to the BEMS membership.

At the Winter Board meeting, board members received committee reports, examined budget issues related to society operations and the costs of holding its annual meeting.  Decisions made reflect the board’s efforts to balance solvency of he society with meeting features that enhance member interactions at the scientific meeting.  These include choices to make refreshments available only in advance of the morning sessions, and to provide the option for advance purchase of lunch tickets for the days of the meeting, as well as incentives for student participation at the meeting via the continuation of student awards.  In light of concerns expressed during the Davos meeting, the board passed motions that

  • “Video and audio recording (including flash photography) of any presentation in any technical session is prohibited. No photography of poster or slides is permitted unless explicitly authorized beforehand by the presenter.  Access to scientific sessions by the media for the purposes of recording must be authorized in advance by the President of the Society.”

Journal editor Jim Lin reported on his efforts to move the journal to a general science or multidisciplinary category within the publisher’s portfolio to enhance its impact factor.

The board also decided that the student membership designation is no longer valid the first calendar year after a Ph.D. is awarded.  Impacted students will be encouraged to upgrade to associate or full membership at that time.


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