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A new study completed by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) on effects of the mobile phone radiation on human skin strengthens the results of the human cell line analyses by directly showing that living tissue responds to mobile phone radiation. STUK’s new study is globally unique, because for the first time it has examined whether a local exposure of human skin to RF-EMF will cause changes in protein expression in living people.

The study report is available in final format on BMC Genomics web (

Study author Dariusz Leszczynski notes that this report attracted much attention in the science media when it was selected as the Featured Article on the BMC Genomics home page and became the most viewed article in February and the second most viewed article of the year (

After related stories were published in New Scientist (UK)

and Science Daily (USA)

it also became a featured story in ProteoMonitor

URSI announces next General Assembly meeting

XXIXth URSI General Assembly will be held 9-16 August 2008 in Chicago, Illinois, USA at the Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel on the Riverwalk,151 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois, USA. For further information, go to .

URSI Commission K, chaired by Dr. Frank Prato, has a full program scheduled, including sessions on Modelling of interactions between EMF and biosystems; Biological effects of EMF: antenna interactions with the human body with emphasis on implanted systems; Biological effects of EMF: molecular, cellular, animal; Biological effects of EMF: imaging the human response; Wireless communication and health: molecular, cellular, animal; Wireless communication and health: genotoxicity; Biomedical applications: neurostimulation; Biomedical applications: brain imaging and brain mapping; Occupational EMF safety & health; Exposure assessment & emerging newtechnologies; Biomedical applications: microwave breast imaging; and Poster sessions.

Since the number and topics of oral papers are limited, special poster sessions consisting of several papers related to each other and posted together, are being encouraged. Contact Dr. Prato <> to propose a special poster session.

Set of Journals offered

Betty F. Sisken, former president of the Society, is offering an almost a complete set of the Journal of the Bioelectromagnetics Society for the cost of shipping. She has about 90 volumes and estimates they will cost about $50 total to ship. If interested, contact her at or by phone at 859-278-6130.