Bioelectromagnetics Vol 30, Issue #4 (May 2009) now online

Pulsed EMF effect on human mesenchymal stem cells; Children and exposure to mobile communication networks; Inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus growth induced by low-frequency EM fields; MRI-type high-strength magnetic field stimulation of megakaryocytic cells from human placental and umbilical cord blood; Dielectric parameters for lipid bi-layers; Blood laboratory findings in patients suffering from self-electromagnetic hypersensitivity; Exposure and SAR measurements in the near field of mobile phone base stations; and Teratological evaluation of mouse fetuses exposed to 20 kHz EMF are just some of the research studies reported in the May issue of Bioelectromagnetics. Take a peek inside. SUBMIT YOUR NEXT PAPER TO Bioelectromagnetics. A journal that combines the best research in electromagnetics in biology and medicine with a unique mix of articles dedicated to the discipline of bioelectromagnetics. Bioelectromagnetics covers the entire spectrum of nonionizing radiation research and is essential reading for biological scientists, engineers, medical doctors, physicists, and public health specialists in academia, government, and industry. The journal is open to a broad range of topics whose central theme falls within the interaction and application of electromagnetic fields in biological systems, spanning static fields to terahertz waves. Authors are encouraged to submit their latest work via the online submission system.┬Ąt_role_id=1&config_id=1518 VIEW THE GUIDE FOR AUTHORS. Editor-in-Chief: James C. Lin, Ph.D. Professor of Electrical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Physiology and Biophysics University of Illinois at Chicago (M/C 154) Chicago, Illinois 60607-7053 USA

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