New Associate Editor for Journal

New Associate editor for the Journal: Carmela Marino

At its recent winter meeting, the Board of Directors approved the nomination of Dr. Carmela Marina of the European National Energy Agency (Italy) as the newest Associate Editor of The Bioelectromagnetics’ Society’s journal, replacing Damijan Miklavcic of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

James Lin, editor-in-chief of the journal, welcomed the board’s decision, noting that “as a biological scientist, Dr. Marino has investigated biological effects and medical applications of RF and ELF fields. Her research and publications have involved cells in vitro, animals in vivo, and the characterization of exposure systems and their use in experimental systems. My experience in working with her as manuscript reviewer suggests a high degree of thoroughness, scientific objectivity, and fair-mindedness. She appreciates the importance of exposure systems and the fact that proper exposure procedures are fundamental to reliable experimental observations.”