2007 d’Arsonval Award

Margaret Adair Quinn accepts award on behalf of Eleanor Adair at Winter Workshop

At the recent BEMS Winter Workshop, the Society formally bestowed its highest honor, the d’Arsonval Award, on Eleanor Adair. Accepting the award on behalf of her mother, Margaret Adair Quinn (pictured here with former BEMS president Ben Greenebaum) gave an acceptance speech that will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal.

Margaret Adair

The citation on the award reads:

The Board of directors of
The Bioelectromagnetics society

takes great pleasure in conferring the d’Arsonval Medal to

Eleanor Reed Adair

whose creativity and accomplishments in bioelectromagnetics have brought new understanding to the plaited strands of physiology, electromagnetics, and society; whose instruments and keen intellect married the physiologist’s measures of flesh and sensorium to the physicist’s measures of order, revealing balance among life’s vital molecular flames, electromagnetic rays, and the body’s cooling humor; whose firm grasp on the wand of scientific understanding dispelled fears of energies too faint to tear life’s frailest bonds; and whose vision, patience, and purpose guided new standards for safe uses of electromagnetism in medicine, communications, industry, and defense. With delight in recognizing these enduring deeds, appreciation for the dedication and energy she gave this Society as a Charter Member and Secretary-Treasurer in its formative years, and mindful of the esteem with which she is warmly embraced by colleagues worldwide, we proudly confer this highest honor in bioelectromagnetics on this eleventh day of June in the year two-thousand-seven on the occasion of the Twenty-ninth Annual Meeting of the Society