Energy Based Treatment Conference

Energy-Based Treatment Conference Announced

The SPIE (an international society advancing an interdisciplinary approach to the science and application of light) plans to hold a conference on Energy-Based Treatment of Tissue and Assessment from 24-29 January 2009 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA USA.

In its 8th year, this thermal therapy symposium contained within the large international SPIE engineering conference generally offers sessions of high quality which cover widespread diagnostic and therapeutic uses of RF, MW and Ultrasound energy, including applications and tissue effects of thermal therapies, image guided therapy, electromagnetic and thermal modeling, and physiologic responses

Low level energy systems facilitate healing or ablate tissue with non-thermal techniques. All anatomical sites are open for discussion. The conference will bring together engineers, physicists, and other scientists such as device designers and modelers, as well as clinicians, including surgeons, radiologists and pathologists who are practitioners of the art and science in delivery and evaluation of energy-based treatment. Companies with Medical Devices or Imaging modalities currently on the market or in development are also welcome to present modeling, performance and clinical effects, including new sites and applications. Robotics assistance and Image Guided devices and techniques will be covered.

The conference sessions will include:

Therapeutic energy delivery:

  • microwaves
  • lasers
  • radiofrequency (RF)
  • cryotherapy
  • conductive sources
  • therapeutic ultrasound
  • energy delivery + adjuvant therapy or conductive solutions.

Low-level energy delivery (non-thermal) for healing, ablation, and tissue/cellular modification:

  • electroporation, mechanical ultrasound
  • electrotherapy, bone and soft-tissue healing
  • blood brain barrier disruption
  • drug delivery control
  • clot busting/stroke treatment

Modeling and heat transfer in tissue:

  • 2D, 3D, and 4D models of tissue effects.

Tissue effects

  • coagulation necrosis
  • tissue ablation/removal
  • tissue shrinkage and reshaping
  • hemostasis

Assessment of damage or tissue changes during or following treatment:

  • optical
  • acoustic
  • electromagnetic
  • elastography
  • MR, CT, PET.

Assessment of temperature during treatment:

  • CT, MR, ultrasound, microwave.

Clinical applications:

  • applications of devices on the market
  • new technologies, applications, or sites
  • surgical, radiological and clinical applications
  • animal and clinical studies
  • pathological assessment
  • automated histomorphometry
  • nanotechnologies.

Guidance of therapy:

  • diagnostic ultrasound
  • MR, CT
  • navigation systems
  • robotic assistance.

Abstracts for this meeting may be submitted online ( on or before July 14, 2008.

This conference is expected to be an invaluable forum to present and publish current research quickly, and interact with thermal scientists outside our society. It should be an excellent precursor to the expanded coverage of thermal topics in the April 2009 Society for Thermal Medicine meeting in Tucson.