News from EBEA

The European Bioelectromagnetics Association (EBEA) reports that election results from February 2008 created the following new Council:

Dr. Carmela MARINO (Italy)

Prof. Ferdinando BERSANI (Italy)

Dr. Alejandro UBEDA (Spain)

Dr. Isabelle LAGROYE (France)

Biological/Medical Science
Dr. Jukka JUUTILAINEN (Finland);
Dr. Maria Rosaria SCARFI (Italy);
Dr. Marion CRASSON (Belgium)

Engineering/Physical Sciences
Dr. Micaela LIBERTI (Italy);
Dr. Kjell HANSSON MILD (Sweden);
Dr. Gyorgy THUROCZY (Hungary)

At Large
Dr. Gunhild OFTEDAL (Norway);
Dr Eric VAN RONGEN (The NetherLand)

Outgoing EBEA president Rene deSeze remarked:

I have the pleasure to congratulate those candidates who have been elected. After a short while of some months, EBEA life can restart and I wish you a fruitful mandate to further develop the scientific fields covered by EBEA members. The 7th framework and the new COST BM-07-04 are nice opportunities to contribute to a collaborative research on these topics.

The election of Ferdinando Bersani as Vice-President will help synchronise EBEA and the Alessandro Chiabrera School.

I also want to thank the candidates who kindly agreed to serve EBEA but who have not been elected, and I hope they will have other opportunities in the future to express again their good-will for an always improving management of our Association. I hope the agreement to hire a technical help will decrease the administrative load on our Council members and help more scientific inputs for our members. At least an updated website if not rebuilt, and if possible some news that I and we have not been able to edit or maintain in those past years.

Best wishes to EBEA and its new Council!

Sincerely and friendly yours,
René de Seze, EBEA Past-President

Looking to the future, incoming EBEA president Carmela Marino announced that the next EBEA Council meeting will be held in Brussels in May 2008. At that meeting, the council will be informed about the BioEM 2009 meeting to be held in Davos, Switzerland in 2009. Gugliemo d’Inzeo, is the EBEA representative as co-chairing the Technical Program Committee with Dariusz Leszczynski as the BEMS representative. Niels Kuster is chair of the Local Organizing Committee and he will present the status of the Scientific program and the joint meeting.

Then the Council will promote the activies around Europe: EBEA will keep strong scientific links with WHO and ICNIRP and European bodies.

  • The EMF-NET concerted action, within the 6th European Framework Program (FP), is almost closed. This action originated from the opportunities that the Bioelectromagnetic Scientific community had during the 5th FP 1998-2002, Quality of life and management of living resources, where the CEMFEC, GUARD, RAMP 2001, INTERPHONE and REFLEX programs were funded.
  • Now the FP7 of the EU has started and new calls for proposals in the environment and health area are coming: research on EMF should be one of the forthcoming topics.
  • The Cost action where most of EBEA and BEMS members were involved in the past, start again with the new COST Action BM0704; Alastair McKinlay and Gerd Friedrich are in charge as President and Scientific Secretariat.

Finally, the activities of the Erice school are going on: the 4th course on “Electromagnetic Fields and Epidemiology” was held recently. Directors of this Course were Susanna Lagorio, Rome, Italy and Joachim Schüz, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Carmela Marino
EBEA President

Isabel Lagroye
EBEA Secretary