Report from Editor-in-Chief

James C. Lin, PhD, Professor
Editor-in-Chief, Bioelectromagnetics
University of Illinois-Chicago (M/C 154)
851 South Morgan Street, Rm 1020 SEO
Chicago, Illinois 60607-7053 USA

Bioelectromagnetics continues to publish at a frequency of 8 issues per year. To improve print publication times for the Journal, in calendar year 2007, we purchased 63 extra pages for a total of 671 pages and published 95 articles of various types. In addition, an EarlyView has been implemented nearly two years ago to facilitate rapid online publication, ahead of print publication. Currently, the Bioelectromagnetics journal is ranked #23 out of 70 in the biology category.

The Journal’s 2007 (current) Impact Factor (IF) is 1.80. Table 1 shows the 2007 IFs of some related journals bassed on 2007 information from ISI Web of Science. It is noteworthy that the median IF for the biology subject category is 1.29. For comparison, Table 2 shows the variation in Impact Factor for our journal over the last three reporting years. I am pleased to report that the Impact Factor for Bioelectromagnetics increased to 1.80 for 2007, after a dip during the last reporting period (2006). As you know, Bioelectromagnetics is essential reading for all who are engaged in the topics. Your assistance in encouraging your colleagues to submit manuscripts reporting their research for publication in our journal is greatly appreciated.

Table 1: Journal Impact Factors

Journal Title 2007 Current
Bioelectromagnetics 1.80
Electromagnetics in Biology and Medicine 0.53
Environmental Health Perspectives 5.86
Health Physics 0.87
International Journal of Radiation Biology 1.47
Radiation and Environmental Biophysics 1.07
Radiation Protection Dosimetry 0.45
Radiation Research 2.60

Table 2: Bioelectromagnetics Journal Impact Factors

Journal Title 2005 2006 2007
Bioelectromagnetics 2.19 1.51 1.80

I am delighted to report that the Board of Directors of the Bioelectromagnetics Society has approved two initiatives: (1) Best Paper Award for a paper published in the Bioelectromagnetics journal, starting with the current 2008 volume, and (2) funded open access option for articles published in the Journal, effective immediately.

An objective of the Bioelectromagnetics journal is to publish high-quality papers reporting studies that are conducted with scientific and technical rigor. The Best Paper Award will recognize the scientific accomplishments of our colleagues. The Award will be selected on recommendation of the Editorial Board and approval of the Board of Directors of the Bioelectromagnetics Society. It will consist of a certificate along with a monetary prize, presented during the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society.

Funded access option to the Bioelectromagnetics journal would allow open access to a funded article once published. With this online option, the author pays a fee to ensure that the article is made available to non-subscribers upon publication. The cost to the authors is $3000. The funded open access option will be offered only to those authors whose articles have been accepted for publication and only at the point when the article is accepted, to ensure that the funded access option has no influence on the peer review and acceptance process.

We look forward to continuing to publish high-quality papers in Bioelectromagnetics reporting studies that are conducted by our colleagues worldwide.