Strong Start for Kuster

Niels Kuster opened his term as BEMS President by thanking the membership for their trust in him to lead the society over the next year and expressing his confidence that the upcoming joint meeting with EBEA in Davos will be a success.

He reminded colleagues at the meeting of the concerns he noted in his candidate statement:

  • That the Society had, as a whole, diverged from its original focus on outstanding, new research.

  • That the research agency, in general, had become too driven by the interests of funding bodies rather than scientific needs.

  • That the scientific discourse is increasingly being taken over by political concerns.

  • That good scientists are becoming disenchanted with this “hostile environment” and will leave this field to return to more mainstream science unless we address the issue directly.

  • That we face a competitive disadvantage in obtaining funding for BEMS related projects.

He reminded members that he promised to work towards promoting excellence in bioelectromagnetics work through encouraging good scientists to become board members, inviting outstanding speakers to the annual meeting, pushing for more lively and balanced discussions within the BEMS community, expanding our work to focus on therapeutic effects, and initiating a Best Paper award related to BEMS research. He hopes to revitalize the Society to make BEMS “the premium source of information and enlightened gatherings.” Towards this end, he asked members to contact him (and other Board members) to identify their needs from the Society (journal, meeting format, meeting location, member services, web and newsletter content).