BEMS Meeting Helps Establish Research Group

In 1988 I attended a BEMS meeting for the first time. At that time I was going to start a series of bioassays of power frequency magnetic fields, but found difficulty about design of the exposure facility under conditions of bioassay. I heard there was an EMF community in the U.S. How did they design such facilities? The meeting was held in Stamford, and of a rather small scale. I eagerly listened to the oral presentations and looked at the posters.

There I met Dr. S.M. Harvey (Ontario Hydro) in front of his poster. His publication was on the in vivo exposure facility and he kindly discussed on the detail for me. His design satisfied perfectly the conditions of bioassay, and the cost of construction seemed to be reasonable. The meeting decided my fate. I constructed an animal exposure facility on the basis of his design. Since then I had been engaged in EMF research until retired according to Japanese schedule on 2002. My group, and my successors have still, published many studies in BEMS meetings and in the journal.

Yoshihisa Otaka
BEMS Emeritus Member