Society Hit by Fraud Scam

For unknown reasons, a fraudulent check scam is being run against The Bioelectromagnetics Society. Fortunately, as a result of quick action by our management company following a sudden influx of calls from individuals across the nation reporting high-valued Society checks arriving unexpectedly, the BEMS checking account was closed and reopened in a new bank, so the Society incurred no liability.

At the same time, the BEMS website was also compromised and had to be moved to a new host because the old host froze our account when they noticed an alarming rate of spam being sent from the old account.

The police in Frederick, Maryland, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Secret Service have all been notified. The FBI suspects that it is a scam being run out of Nigeria, where they have no jurisdiction to prosecute if they were ever able to identify the perpetrators. Since we have not incurred any liability, there is no active case being investigated. However, we are referring all callers to the FBI web site: where they will be asked to enter all the details regarding their check and any Internet activity that connected them to this scam.