BEMS Journal Best Paper Award

Authored by: James Lin

Published on: Nov 01, 2008

PhD, Editor-in-Chief, Bioelectromagnetics

As announced earlier in this newsletter (No. 202, May/June 2008, page 9), a key objective of the Bioelectromagnetics journal is to publish high-quality papers reporting studies that are conducted with scientific and technical rigor. The Board of Directors of The Bioelectromagnetics Society recently established a Best Paper Award to recognize the scientific accomplishments of our colleagues with a monetary prize and certificate, presented during the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society. Details of the award criteria are given below.

The Eligibility Criteria for the Award:

  1.  High scientific quality;
  2.  Significance and novelty (opening new avenues or methods of research);
  3.  Interest across the membership of the Society;
  4.  Originality of the reported research (systematically performed meta-analyses reporting new results or conclusions would be included; review papers, brief communications, comment letters, and editorials are excluded)

A member of the Editorial Board or Board of Directors shall be excused from the participation of selection process, if he or she is from the same institution or listed as coauthor of a nominated paper. The selection process shall have maximum transparency, with clear documentation of each step.

The selection process will be a three-stage process. The first stage has two alternate routes:

  • As part of the normal paper review, at least two reviewers and one associate editor must recommend the paper for the award by checking the appropriate box on the evaluation form. (For future years, but for this time around-2008, a letter from two editorial board members or an associate editor to the Editor-in-Chief would be sufficient to include it in the selection process.) OR
  • Any member of the research community may submit nominations for the award by providing a detailed nomination statement setting out clear reasons for the nomination in a letter to the Editor-in-Chief before December 15th of the year of publication. The letter must have the endorsements from two members of the Editorial Board.

The second stage involves the evaluation of the “Paper of the Year” by the Editorial Board (at the conclusion of publication of all eight issues of the journal for a given year). The third, and final, stage is a decision by the BEMS Board of Directors based on guidance provided by journal’s Editorial Board.