BEMS Board Meeting #103 Minutes

Minutes of the 103rd BEMS Board meting

Held at Town & Country Resort, San Diego, CA June 12th 2008

  1. Adoption of agenda: The meeting was called to order at 13:20.MOTION: Carl Blackman proposed that the agenda be adopted with no changes. Ewa Czerska seconded the motion. There was no discussion and the motion was carried unanimously.
  2. Welcome and introduction of officers, board members and guests: Niels Kuster welcomed those present.

  3. Report of the President: Niels Kuster thanked the outgoing president for her hard work on behalf of the Society and outlined his ideas for the coming year.
  4. Replacements/appointments

    Awards Committee: The d’Arsonval award has not been given at previous annual scientific meetings held jointly with EBEA. The 2009 meeting planning committee has requested that award also not be given at the Davos meeting.

    MOTION: James Lin proposed that the d’Arsonval award not be given in 2009 only.

    MOTION: Michael Murphy observed that prospective awardees have a 5-year window in which they are considered, and that skipping a year would mean that some currently on the list would be prematurely dropped from the list. He proposed that the current list of potential nominees and past winners be frozen for a year since the award was not considered. James Lin accepted the amendment.

    The motion, with the amendment, was seconded by Vijayalaxmi and was carried with no opposition.

    Awards Committee: It was agreed that, for the 2009 meeting only, the BEMS and EBEA awards committees will work as one group as the awards are presented jointly. There followed some debate about the continuing status of the president and vice president on the awards committee. It was agreed that the current president would stay on the committee.

    Budget and Finance Committee: David Black and Nam Kim joinned this committee.

    Development Committee: Nam Kim and Dariusz Leszczynski joined this committee.

    Intersociety Committee: Members of this committee:
    Chair: Philip Chadwick
    Liaison to EBEA: Ewa Czerska
    Liaison from EBEA: Carmela Marino
    Liaison to the Hyperthermia Society: Niels Kuster
    Liaison to IEEE/ICES/COMAR: Art Thasandote

      Ewa Czerska proposed the following liaisons with the Bioelectrochemistry Society:
      Liaison to BES: Ann Rajnicek
      Liaison from BES: Ana Maria Oliveira Brett
      Niels Kuster agreed to contact Ann and Ana and request that they take these roles.

        There is a need to keep track of other meetings that may be of interest to Society members, or may conflict withthe Society’s meetings, and this is part of the role of the intersociety committee.

        Journal Committee: Ewa Czerska takes the chair of this committee automatically as past president. EBEA will advise its representation.

        Long-range Planning Committee: This is an ad hoc committee chaired by the president.

        For 2008-9 its members will be Dariusz Leszczynski, Jeff Carson, Philip Chadwick, Raphael Lee, James Lin and Chiyoji Ohkubo.

        Management Committee: The members of this committee will be Niels Kuster, Ewa Czerska, Michael Murphy, Vijayalaxmi and Michael McLean (as Technical Program Chair)

        Meeting Quality Committee: The members of this committee will be Dariusz Leszczynski, Niels Kuster, Nam Kim, Chiyoji Ohkubo, Joachim Schüz, Michael Murphy and Maren Fedrowitz.

        Maren Fedrowitz will chair the committee this year, with Dariusz Leszczynski’s agreement.

        Membership Committee: Junji Miyakoshi has resigned, and Ken Joyner will be appointed as Chair of this committee.

        Memorial Committee: Sheila Johnston has resigned and Arthur Pilla has been deemed to have resigned through inactivity. Ben Greenebaum will be asked to join the committee.

        The roster will then be: Indira Chatterjee (Chair), Igor Belyaev, Carl Blackman, Deborah Ciombor, Guglielmo D’Inzeo, Ben Greenbaum, Nam Kim, and Betty F. Sisken

        Nominations Committee: Ewa Czerska, Frank Prato and Chiyoji Ohkubo will join this committee.

        Public Affairs Committee: By established rules, Ewa Czerska joins this committee, and Frank Prato leaves.

        Publications Committee: Members of the committed are Carl Blackman, Chair; Kjell Hansson-Mild; Robert Goldberg; Johnathan Kiel; John Male, Lee Rosen; and new member, Art Thansandote.

        Technology task force/website: Unchanged

        2009 Joint Meeting Planning Committee:This committee consists of:

        • the local organising committee chair;
        • the technical program co-chairs;
        •  the treasurers of both societies (BEMS and EBEA)
        • the presidents of both societies
        • the vice-presidents of both societies
        • the past presidents of both societies
        • the secretaries of both societies
        • whichever ad hoc members are invited to join by the members listed above.

        It was agreed that the Society’s manual should be updated to reflect this structure.

        Winter workshop organiser: This decision was deferred to an online discussion.

      • 2008 Annual Meeting
        1. Programme: Michael McLean reviewed the programand the Board agreed that on the whole it had been very successful. There was some debate about the structure of Plenary Session IV. Some Board members felt that the session had been a good idea but that more discussion of practical experience of implementation of the Precautionary Principle would have been of interest. David Black agreed to help advise on future sessions covering the precautionary principles.

          Niels Kuster suggested that in the future it would be advisable to try to avoid consecutive presentations by the same speaker.

        2. Evaluations/meeting quality: Michael Murphy observed that the spouse activities had been very well received. Spouse activities are planned for the 2009 meeting.

          Gloria Parsley was congratulated by the Board on the success of the social event, especially given its last-minute rearrangement. It was observed that it was difficult this year to thank the sponsors and scientific contributors effectively, and this will be addressed for future meetings.

          There were comparatively few evaluation forms returned and it is not clear how representative they are. There was debate about how the response rate might be increased. Gloria Parsley agreed to circulate a summary of the comments

        3. Student liaison: Ewa Czerska suggested that the possibility of forming a Student Chapter should be considered. Universities could be asked to contribute, to allow student members to travel to meetings.

          Ewa Czerska agreed to follow up on the idea and report back to the Board.

      • Brainstorming on analysis/redefinition/reorganisation of annual meeting: Niels Kuster opened the debate with the observations that membership and sponsorship were both falling, year after year. The Society, he said, needs to widen its appeal to encompass new areas (to us) and also novel research areas. It should be more open to participants from related fields.

        James Lin commented that the Society does need to be more inclusive, but that many people who attend the Annual Meeting are concerned with safety issue and they must be kept if the Society is to expand to include others.

        David Black observed that many attendees are practitioners (both industry and government/regulators), and they want to understand the orthodox and established position so that they can communicate it to their companies, organisations and clients. Of particular interest is the way in which science and policy may be better integrated.

        Joachim Schüz reiterated that that Society’s aim is to promote state-of-the-art research, and Maren Fedrowitz supported this view strongly.

        Niels Kuster summarised by saying that the subject needed further consideration before the next meeting. He agreed to present a summary paper to the long range planning group.

        There was discussion of the financial situation of the Annual Meeting. For 2009, the meeting budget is separate from the Society’s budget as a result of holding a joint meeting with EBEA. Fixed costs are rising and income is falling; the management costs are fixed.

      • Winter workshop: Niels Kuster observed that this should be a well-organised but intimate event; it does not have to have a large external impact. It might be closer in nature to an EBEA/COST meeting, or perhaps the Board could consider a visit to an active research group to learn of their activities.

        MOTION: Joachim Schüz proposed that the President and a small task group produce a firm proposal. Carl Blackman seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.

      • 2009 Davos program: Isabelle Lagroye noted that this is the 20th anniversary meeting of EBEA. Dariusz Leszczynski observed that at present there are comparatively few US/Asian plenary speakers.

      • BEMS flyer: Ewa Czerska thanked Ben Greenebaum for volunteering to prepare a draft brochure describing BEMS.
      • Website: Jeff Carson, acting on behalf of Stefan Engstrom, described the options for content migration for the Society’s website. It might be possible to use a contentmanagement solution to allow multiple topic editors, or regional pages with regional editors.

        MOTION: Jeff Carson proposed that Stefan Engström be asked to produce a firm cost proposal. Ewa Czerska seconded the motion and it was carried with two abstentions.

      • Meeting destinations: There was discussion of the options for the 2011 and 2012 Annual Meetings.

        MOTION: Ewa Czerska proposed that the 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society be held at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Joachim Schüz seconded the motion and it was carried with one abstention.

        MOTION: Joachim Schüz proposed that EBEA be approached with a view to agreeing on a joint meeting for 2012. Carl Blackman seconded the motion and it was carried with one abstention.

        The options for 2013 include China, Bangkok and Australia.

      • New business: There was none.
      • Adjourn