BEMS 30th Annual Business Meeting

Minutes of the BEMS THIRTIETH Annual busines meting

Town & Country Resort, San Diego, CA June 11, 2008, 12:30pm – 2:00pm

  1. Adoption of agenda (Outgoing president, Ewa Czerska) The agenda was adopted with no amendments
  2. Approval of minutes of Annual Business Meeting #29 (Secretary Phil Chadwick): The minutes of the 29th Annual Business Meeting were approved with no amendments

  3. Report of the President (Czerska): Ewa Czerska commented on the changing nature of the Society, the challenges facing it and the importance of students as its new blood. She emphasised the success of the Winter Workshop and the journal, and welcomed Carmela Marino as a new Associate Editor.

    The financial news was a little less good. The Society was expecting to have a loss on the 2008 Annual Meeting because of the withdrawal of a sponsor. Final attendance numbers were not confirmed, but the participation in the San Diego meeting appeared to be good.

    The Society’s international nature is illustrated by the decisions to hold the next two meetings abroad, in Europe, in conjunction with EBEA, and in Asia. It will continue to work with other societies, including EBEA, the Mexican Bioelectromagnetics Society, and the Society for Thermal Medicine.
  4. Report of the Secretary (Chadwick): The secretary’s report discussed a proposed revision to the BEMS Constitution. At its June 2007 meeting the Board of the Bioelectromagnetics Society disbanded the Elections Committee because its role had been made redundant by the successful introduction of electronic voting. Article V(3) of the Society’s Constitution reads:

    The Board shall appoint an Election Committee consisting of three (3) members. The Election Committee shall count the valid ballots and report the results to the membership at the Annual Business Meeting. The Election Committee shall certify the ballots prior to counting.

    It is proposed to remove this paragraph from the Society’s constitution and to renumber the following paragraph in that Article accordingly.

    The process for amending the Constitution is stated in Article VII, and that has been followed. The final stage in this process requires the affirmative votes of not less than two-thirds of the Members voting at the Annual Business Meeting.

    MOTION: Ben Greenebaum proposed this constitutional amendment. Carl Blackman seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.

  5. Report of the Treasurer (Vijayalaxmi): The treasurer presented the fiscal year 4/07-3/08 financial statement. The Society has $325,000 net assets; the Washington meeting made a profit of $2000, the Dublin meeting made $26,000 and the Cancun meeting made $29,000.
  6. Journal Report by the Editor in Chief (James Lin): James Lin, the Bioelectromagnetics journal’s Editor-in- Chief, presented his report on the last year’s journal activities.

    95 articles were published out of 226 submitted – a 42- 43% acceptance ratio. 70 papers were from Western Europe, 53 from Asia, 40 from North America, 34 from Eastern Europe, 10 from Australia and 11 from other regions. The journal has an impact factor of 1.5.

    The Editor-in-Chief outlined the changes to the editorial board, and thanked the retiring members for their hard work on behalf of the Society, and described the principle and mechanism of the new Best Paper Award.

    In the future, the Journal will allow online open access to papers whose authors have chosen this option. Selection of open access will not influence refereeing or acceptance as it will be considered only after a paper has been accepted.

  7. Publications Committee report: Carl Blackman, chair of the Publications committee, reported on the status of the website. He observed that both the newsletter and website are being reviewed with the aim of streamlining communication to help the Society operate better internationally. Newsletter editor Janie Page requested increased feedback from members for the newsletter.
  8. Recognition: (Czerska): Ewa Czerska thanked Rich Nuccitelli, Technical Programme Chair 2007; Mike McLean, Technical Program Chair 2008; and the entire 2008 Program Committee.Several of the Society’s Board members are retiring this year. The outgoing president thanked Ben Greenebaum, Francis Hart, James McNamee, Michael Murphy, and Joseph Salvatore.

  9. Election Results: The president announced the results of the elections for the 2008-9 Board. The successful candidates were:
    1. Vice President/President-elect: Michael Murphy

    2. Board members, biological & medical sciences: David Black and Ann Rajnicek

    3. Board member, engineering and physical sciences: Art Thasandote
    4. Board member at large: Andrei Pakhomov

  10. Transfer of gavel & recognition of retiring president (Czerska/Kuster): The outgoing president welcomed the incoming president (Niels Kuster) and the gavel was formally transferred.
  11. New Business (Kuster): Niels Kuster thanked the outgoing president for her hard work on behalf of the Society and went on to outline his ideas for the coming year, particularly for the annual scientific meeting in Davos.

  12. Adjourn: Philip Chadwick moved that the meeting be adjourned. Carl Blackman seconded the motion and there was no opposition.