Third International Conference of Applied Electromagnetism CNEA 2009: “Potentialities of Electromagnetism in Medicine,Agriculture, Industry, and Environment”
Date: 18-21 May 2009
Location: Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Conference web site:

Eighth International Symposium on EMF
Date: 26-29 May 2009
Location: Movdovi, Italy

Cigré International Colloquium: “Power Frequency Electromagnetic Fields - ELF EMF”
Date: 3-4 June 2009
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

WHO IAC (International EMF Project) 2008

Date: 10-11 June 2009
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Details: See September/October 2008 BEMS Newsletter

BIOEM2009: Joint Meeting of BEMS and EBEA
Date: 14-19 June 2009
Location: Davos, Switzerland
Technical Program Co-Chairs: Guglielmo D’Inzeo and Dariusz Leszcynski
Conference web site:
Contact: Gloria Parsley, Tel: +1 301 663 4252; Fax: +1 301694 4948;

Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS)
Date: 18-21 August 2009
Location: Moscow, Russia

Occupational Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields: Paving the Way for a Future EU Initiative
Date: 6-9 October 2009
Pre-registration Due: May 30, 2009

Conference web site:
Sixth International Workshop on EMF
Location: Bodrum, Turkey
Dates: 11-16 October 2010
Contact/Information: or