From the BEMS President

BioEM2009 – Embracing a Renewed Impetus Bioelectromagnetics

With the pervasive presence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) in our everyday lives, BEMS recognizes that the key to addressing the health concerns, regulations and the improvement and development of current and new medical applications and therapies associated with EMF is to encourage scientific discovery. BioEM2009 ( will focus on clinical devices, medical applications, high-throughput screening, in vitro and in vivo studies, mechanisms of interaction, theoretical and practical modeling, instrumentation and methodology, dosimetry, exposure standards, occupational exposure, epidemiology and public policy. This meeting is part of the mission of BEMS to promote research on the understanding of the interactions of electromagnetic fields with biological systems, and to broaden its technical and medical applications. The BioEM2009 Joint Meeting with EBEA brings us the ideal mix of old and new faces as well as talks that span the range of approaches from the classic to the provocative with state-of-the-art presentations by leading experts in basic and clinical science. The newly included Special Sessions and Topic in Focus Sessions will also provide considerable time to facilitate the free exchange of ideas and opinions.

The Society has come a long way from its beginnings and continues to try to adapt to present circumstances. Disseminating information (through the Annual Meeting, the Journal and the newsletter) and facilitating interactions (through scientific collaborations, personal contacts, etc.) are still key roles of the Society. Although the Society cannot be all things to everyone, it should be an inclusive society catering to all those with an interest in bioelectromagnetics and allied fields. Unfortunately, it has sometimes been tarred with favoring special interests at the expense of those who support and adhere to sound science, so I strongly encourage an open mind and pure, scientifically based discussions and observations at this year’s meeting.

We strive to cultivate a friendly and open-minded academic atmosphere that will make our annual meeting exceptional. Ample time is scheduled for in depth discussions as session chairs are advised to encourage extensive scientific discourse with minimal interruptions. The success of the Annual Meeting and the future of the Society depend on the creation of the right dialogue and attitude between all participants and members from young scientists to established investigators.

I look forward to seeing you at the BioEM2009 Joint Meeting in Davos, Switzerland from June 14-19, 2009, where you can expect outstanding science, new friendships and a renewed impetus and enthusiasm for bioelectromagnetics.