In case you mised it

A recent publication highlights a possible confounder in certain bioelectromagnetics related work:

“Background ELF magnetic fields in incubators: A factor of importance in cell culture work” K Hansson Mild, JonnaWílén, Mats-Olof Mattsson, Myrtill Simko. Cell Biology International Volume 33, Issue 7, July 2009, Pages755-757

The problem with high background magnetic field in cell incubators is still of current interest. We have recently measured the ELF B fields in some incubators in cell biology laboratories and we found values of the order of tens of μT which is in sharp contrast to the values found in our normal environment (0.05-0.1 μT). Since there are numerous examples of biological effects found after exposure to MF at these levels, such as changes in gene expression, blocked cell differentiation, inhibition of the effect of tamoxifen, effects on chick embryo development etc, we urge people working with cell culture incubators to check for the background magnetic field and take this
into account in performing the experiments, since this may be one factor of importance contributing to the variability in the results from work with cell cultures.

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