Results of "BEMS-EBEA Merger" vote

Authored by: Rene De Seze

Published on: Jul 26, 2019

On the 16th of July at midnight, the merger ballot was closed.
67 of the 114 (58.8 %) eligible EBEA members (full members that paid their membership in 2017/2018) casted their vote.
89 of the 183 (48.6%) eligible BEMS members (full members that paid their membership in 2017/2018) casted their vote.

The results are as follow:

First question: Do you agree that EBEA and BEMS merge into a new society?

I agree 58 73
I do not agree 7 14
I have no preference 2 2

Second question: Whatever your answer to question 2, please indicate which option you would prefer should the majority vote be in favour of a merger

Option 1 43 62
Option 2 17 16
I have no preference 7 11

It is clear from results that the majority of the EBEA and BEMS voters agreed with a merge and voted for option 1 which is one single global society, no regional chapters, with the governing structure similar to the ones currently employed by EBEA and BEMS.
By “agree to merge” it is meant the commitment of EBEA and of BEMS to set up a new Society to which both societies will be merged in due time, and to resolve all details of a merger such as name, location, statutes, finances etc.

It will culminate in a second and decisive ballot in both Societies on dissolution by merger into the new Society once these details have been resolved. The final ballot would need a two-third majority, according to the Statutes.
The EBEA council, the BEMS BOD, and the EBEA and BEMS members of the merging committee will further discuss the position of EBEA and BEMS and next steps. We will inform you on our further decisions.
With my best regards,
René de Seze
BEMS President