Merger Ballot Update

Published on: Sep 17, 2018

The merger ballot closed on July 23rd, but due to concerns regarding invitations being sent to those ineligible to vote, we have asked the voting company (POLYAS) to not release the ballot results and to not process the results in any way as they were invalid. We apologise for this inconvenience but as a consequence there will be no result. 
Altough we find the opinion of the students members of great importance, the Articles of Association of EBEA and the Bylaws of BEMS have statements on voting eligibility, which have been differently interpreted for the first ballot. Therefore in order to avoid any possible misunderstanding on the conclusions of the vote, the BEMS Board and the EBEA Council decided that the the ballot will be re-run in September for which eligible members will be invited. 
We thank you for your patience in this matter and encourage all eligible members to cast their vote again upon receiving the invitation from the voting company POLYAS GmB.

Andrew Wood Luc Martens
BEMS President EBEA President