2018 Election Reminder

Authored by: Nam Kim

Published on: Feb 13, 2018

This is a reminder that the BEMS board has two positions to be filled, president-elect and board member. We are extending the date for nominations, and these will now be open until February 26, 2018. Please see below for further details.

1. The following positions, each with a 3 year term, are to be filled:

  • President (first year in office as President-elect)
  • One (1) Board Member

Candidates may be proposed by the Nominations Committee or by direct petition by members.
2. Request for suggestions to the Nominations Committee

You may suggest to the Nominations Committee potential candidates for consideration for the positions to be filled.  Candidates must be eligible Members of the Society (FM, EM, and CM) in good standing.  It would also be helpful to determine the potential candidate's willingness to serve before suggesting her or his name.

No Member of the Board, except the Editor-in-Chief, is eligible for election to the same office for two (2) consecutive terms. A list of current Officers and Board Members, and the final year of their terms of office, can be found at https://bems.org/society/bod/now/bod/2017

A short biosketch is required, and nominations must be received by Prof. Nam Kim no later than February 26, 2018.
3. Direct Nomination by Petition

You may instead nominate candidates directly by petition, by-passing the Nominations Committee.  The origin of nominations, whether by petition or Nominations Committee action, will not be designated on the official ballot and the candidate's names for each position will be in alphabetical order.  Any petition nominating a candidate must contain the signatures and names of five percent (5%) of eligible Members of the Society in good standing (for this election 12 eligible names are required) and must be received by Nam Kim no later than February 26, 2018. 

The nominee must consent to stand for election and should submit with the petition a short biographical sketch and photograph, which will appear with the Ballot Material.

The election will open in March and run for one month. Results will be announced as soon as they are available, and terms of office for those elected will begin at the Annual Business Meeting in June.

Prof. Nam Kim
Chair, Nominating Committee