The message from President

Authored by: Nam Kim

Published on: Jan 09, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!!

Wishing you and your family good health, happiness, success and prosperity in the Year of the Rooster in the oriental calendar!! A wonderful New Year has come once again upon us. It’s the time to be grateful for all our achievements of the past year and another chance to do everything this year.

First of all, I’d like to inform our members about the progress of BioEM2017. In Ghent, many members were worried about the venue of BioEM2017 in Istanbul because of unexpected terrors and the uncertain safety situation in Turkey, so in the end, low numbers of participants were expected. A Joint Meeting of the BEMS Board and EBEA Council discussed the possibilities for moving the meeting to another country and decided on the locations for the next two upcoming BioEM Meetings:

BioEM2017: Hangzhou, China
BioEM2018: Portoroz, Slovenia

The BioEM2017 will be held from June 5 to June 9 in the West Lake Villa near the West Lake scenic area in Hangzhou, which is located southwest of Shanghai and close to Yellow Mountain. The historic city of Hangzhou is one of the Seven Ancient Capitals of China, and shares with Suzhou the ultimate fame of “Paradise on Earth”. Also you are cordially asked to present your valuable research outcomes by joining the Call for Abstracts soon which you will find on the website, now open and available at http://www/

The Technical Program Committee (chairs: Joachim Schüz and Luc Martens) started the planning for BioEM2017 and set up a timeline for developing the program since last July. The TPC found a good balance in the plenaries of “classical” topics (e.g. the role of epigenetics in experimental research, electroporation, biological effects (above 6 GHz), risk communication), but also two new fields (optogenetics, mHealth – the use of mobile technology in disease prevention) and one field (nanotechnology) that is not directly related to EMF but that we can learn from, particularly in relation to how interdisciplinary research is done. The TPC also planned 4 workshops of 5G and IoT, computational models for brain stimulation, threshold initiative consortium workshop, reverberation chamber reliability and 2 tutorials of the ARIMMORA project and medical implants safety.

For three years, the BEMS BoD have been discussing the contract renewal of the Bioelectromagnetics Journal (BEM) and recently have signed a Publishing Agreement through a lengthy negotiation with Wiley : 1. Signing bonus of US$ 20,000, 2. Editorial support of US$ 15,000 annually (which is new) outside of costs, 3. Profit share of 50% for each year, 4. To cease the print subscription at the end of 2017 and have only electronic subscriptions availablbe from 2018 onwards. I’d like to express many thanks to the past and current BoD members, especially Andrew Wood and James Lin for their devotion throughout negotiations and achieving the above agreement with Wiley.

It is also now time to renew your BEMS membership for 2017. It is not necessary to login to, but doing so will speed up the verification process. Those seeking a BEMS membership for the first time, as well as those who did not renew their memberships in the last three years, should carefully read the membership information page and submit the required documentation immediately after purchase. New memberships and re-instatements require approval from the Membership Committee. To remain the leading society in the field of bioelectromagnetics, the most important thing is to increase our membership numbers. I strongly reinforce the membership renewal to retain the current members without a lapse and to reinstate membership for inactive BEMS members.

We have also recently received good news to receive over US$ 11,250 from the distribution of funds from the old World Congress. The now defunct World Congress had to dispose of funds to another society with a similar mission, and BEMS was the chosen organization. We have received $11,250 from this distribution of funds. Thanks to Ken Hoffman who was associated with the old World Congress and seems to have followed BEMS over the years through the Journal.

With the meeting's approval on “the feasibility of merging BEMS and EBEA into a single society’’ in Asilomar, the first action was to survey all BEMS member’s views on merger options and to report it to the 2016 Annual Business Meeting by the joint ad-hoc Working Group. The document drafted by the Working group was presented at the joint Societies' Merger Discussion Meeting at BioEM2016 in Ghent. A discussion was initiated with and between the societies' members, but limited in time due to the tight schedule of the conference. Both Societies thus offered to all members a dedicated blog to discuss further and deeper about the opportunity to merge. BEMS BoD got the "Merger Blog Moderators’ Report" from Phil Chadwick and Eric van Rongen in which there were not many responses on the blog. After discussing with EBEA, we’ll move forward now for the next step.

Currently Zhengping Xu as co-chair and Chen Guangdi as an assistant staff of the LOC are preparing a very attractive and beautiful BioEM2017 in Hangzhou, China, and Joachim Schuz as co-chair of TPC is constructing a very profitable and challenging program for Plenary, Workshop, and Tutorial session topics and speakers. The current BEMS BoD are a wonderful and fantastic team to make all BEMS members more helpful, collegial, strong and unified.

BEMS is always with you.

Sincerely yours,


Nam Kim
BEMS President