FUNDAMENTAL & APPLIED BIOELECTRICS An International Scientific Workshop

Jul 25, 2016 to Jul 29, 2016

Published on: Mar 31, 2016

The Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics of Old Dominion University is holding an International Scientific Workshop on Fundamental and Applied Bioelectrics from July 25th-29th 2016.

The workshop will be a series of lectures from leading researchers in the field of Bioelectrics covering fundamentals of pulsed electric fields, with an emphasis on ultra-short pulsed electric fields, and their effects on cells and tissues. These pulses permeabilize the plasma membrane of the cell as well as the membranes of internal structures. Participants will leave appreciating differences between micro, nano and pico-second pulse effects on cells and tissues. Other important topics include plasma generation physics and applications, heart electrophysiology, picosecond physics, and modeling of pulsed electric fields on cell membranes. Hands-on laboratory work will cover use and applications of nanosecond pulses, cellular effects, platelet gel activation and its importance in wound healing, plasma sterilization, and real-time changes in cells following application of ultra-short pulsed electric fields.

The Workshop is open to all researchers (students, post-docs, and investigators) interested in the field of Bioelectrics. Registration is $450 to cover all Workshop activities, a welcome social and an afternoon social event.

Registration and Workshop information, including invited speakers and schedule, can be found at