• In some printed versions of the May/June 2009 newsletter (Issue #207), Eric Van Rongen of the Netherlands was inadvertently omitted from the list of EBEA Council members on page 5. He is an At- Large member.
  • On page 4 of the May/June 2009 newsletter (Issue #207) the speakers in the Hot Topic session were incorrectly identified. Official speakers for this session were: Joe Morrissey - Nova Southeastern University; Dariusz Leszczynski - Stuk: Scientist Perspective; Christopher Portier, NIEHS: Funding Agency Perspective
  • At the conclusion of these speeches, Devra Lee Davis made an additional presentation before the panel discussion.
  • The panel, as shown in that newsletter, included: Chair Niels Kuster and speakers Christopher Portier, Joe Morrissey, Jörg Baumann of the Swiss Office (Precautionary Principle Promoters), and Dariusz Leszczynski. Dr. Baumann was incorrectly identified as Lluis Mir. Panelist Emilie Van Deventer of the World Health Organization did not join the discussion.
  • On page 7, Micaela Liberti is inappropriately identified as Isabelle Lagroye. Micaela Liberti of EBEA co-chaired the 2009 student awards program with Jeff Carson of BEMS.