Michael Murphy, BEMS President

Michael Murphy Editor’s note: Michael Murphy assumed the presidency of BEMS during the recent Davos meeting. For those who are unfamiliar with Mike and his work, here is a short bio and vision statement from the 2008 ballot when he was elected to office.

Michael R. Murphy received a BS in psychology in 1967 from Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA, and a PhD in neuroscience from MIT, Cambridge, MA, in 1972. After a 2 year Postdoc at the Smithsonian Institution in ethology, he spent 8 years at the National Institute of Mental Health conducting original research in neuroethology. During his years working on animal behavior he was the author of two cover articles in Science and did field research in Syria, Israel, and Romania. In 1982, he returned to his home town for a position with the U.S. Air Force, first working on prophylactics/treatments for chemical warfare agents, and then moving to radio frequency biological effects in 1992. From 1994-2004, Mike was Chief of the USAF Radio Frequency Radiation Branch. In addition to RFR research communication, transition, and management, he directly contributed to research on the biological effects of millimeter waves and UWB/HPM/nano pulses. Mike is an author or coauthor of over 225 research publications, book chapters, abstracts, and technical reports. He served on the International Advisory Committee for the World Health Organization project on EMF for 10 years. He has chaired two multi-year, multi-national panels for the NATO Research and Technology Organization. He led his Branch in the organization of the 1999 NATO RFR Dosimetry meeting in Slovenia, the 2000 WHO EMF Project & ICNIRP meeting in San Antonio, ElectroMed 2003, an international meeting on non-thermal medical applications of EM Energy, and the 2004 Asia-Pacific EMF Conference in Bangkok. He negotiated the transfer of the ElectroMed group into a regular part of BEMS.

He is a member of the IEEE Society on the Socialis active in the IEEE International Committee for Electromagnetic Safety, for which he serves as International Liaison and Membership Committee Chair. Mike has been recipient of many awards from the USAF, the most prestigious of which has been the 2002 Air Force Science and Engineering Award for Exploratory or Advanced Technology Development. In 2003 he was the recipient of the IEEE Standards Board Medallion and the 2004 International Award. He is a Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineers, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and the Directed Energy Professional Society. In 1995, he conceived and initiated the Air Force Workshop in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society and organized and moderated this Sunday custom for 10 years. Mike is currently the Scientific Director, Directed Energy Bioeffects Division, where his purview includes both laser and RF bioeffects and protection.

Vision Statement

The Bioelectromagnetics Society is the world’s premier organization on the interaction of electromagnetic energy with biological systems and this status carries much responsibility. Our first responsibility is to uncompromising, high quality science and science communication. Beyond this foundation, we must pioneer a path between enabling safe new uses of electromagnetic energy and protecting society and the environment from the potential risks of such use. I view service as your president as an opportunity to meet these responsibilities and to give back to a society that has given so much to me. Some of my emphasis and goals during the next three years are:

  • Leadership: I will seek a broad range of members to volunteer to run and serve as officers and Board Members of the society. I will encourage mentorship of the next generation of BEMS leaders. I also support a position of Student Representative on the Board of Directors.
  • Long Term Planning: Our last Long Range Plan was approved in Feb 2005. It is time to review and update it. I will work on the Long Term Planning Committee throughout my tenure as Vice-President, President, and Past-President. This critical committee has usually been composed of senior leaders; I support its expansionto include some young members of our society.
  • Membership and Sponsorship: I will develop a flexible PowerPoint presentation, a poster, and a brochure for advertising and promoting BEMS. These materials will be used to solicit new Members, new contributors to our Journal, and sponsors of our meetings. I envision that these materials will be easy to modify to the occasion. The Board of Directors will solicit requests to submit abstracts to meetings for a talk on the Bioelectromagnetics Society and then approve these requests. These materials will also be used to explain the Society and solicit new sponsors for our meetings.
  • Management: I will work closely with your elected officers and Board of Directors to manage the Society’s affairs responsibly to continue to build a strong, vital, financially secure, international organization.
  • Annual Meetings: My guiding principals for our Annual meetings will be (1) scientific quality; (2) diversity and inclusiveness; (3) responsive to the demographics and interests of the membership; and (4) fun.