President's Letter

Authored by: Richard Nuccitelli

Published on: Jul 01, 2014

As we begin 2014, the Executive Committee and Board of Directors have been implementing changes to make BEMS more useful to its members, including the Newsletter and the way that the annual meeting is organized.

 Photo of Richard Nuccitelli

But first, it is membership renewal time and we hope that all of you renew your membership soon. Our membership needs to grow to support BEMS activities. We are looking to try to raise the membership dues a little for 2015 but it is more important for the health of our Society to increase our membership numbers. Therefore, we ask all of you to encourage your colleagues to join BEMS.



As you will read below in the Communication Committee announcement, we plan to replace the printed newsletter with the more frequent posting of news items on the BEMS web site and Facebook page. This posting will be done initially by the Board members themselves but will eventually involve communications from all of our BEMS members. Our hope is that by posting timely articles describing your publications, EMF news and meeting proceedings around the globe, as well as other activities of our members, we will generate more interest in our Society and grow our membership.


Annual Meetings:


Our most exciting activity is the yearly meeting at which we come together to exchange our latest data and ideas. Our next jointly organized meeting with EBEA will be BioEM2014 held in Cape Town, a wonderful city in truly beautiful South Africa. The local organizer, Marnus Van Wyk, has been working hard to make our time in Cape Town very memorable and the Technical Program Committee jointly chaired by Phil Chadwick and Theo Samaras has put together an excellent program that you can read below. They have reduced the number of plenary session speakers to allow for more discussion time for participants. We strongly encourage all of you to make every effort to attend this meeting next June. This is a great opportunity to visit this very popular tourist destination and perhaps go on a wildlife safari or another trip. A range of optional pre- and post-conference tours are available (see for details).


BioEM2015 will be held on Monterey Bay at the Asilomar Conference Center in California June 13-19, 2015. This is only a three hour drive from San Francisco in beautiful northern California. In this conference center format, we will have all of our meals together, providing more interaction time with other BEMS and EBEA members. Please send your suggestions for plenary presentations and workshops to TPC co-chairs, P. Thomas Vernier (  or Niels Kuster (


I wish all of you a very productive 2014 uncovering the secrets of EMF interactions with living systems!