The Future for Society Communications

Dear BEMS members,


BEMS communications are changing. The new Communications Committee has been evaluating how we communicate within the Society, with members, and with people who are interested in becoming members. We have also been consulting with Society members to get new ideas. These changes have been under consideration for some time, but when our current newsletter editor, Janie Page, announced that she was stepping down after seven years, we decided to accelerate changes we had planned.


On behalf of all of us at BEMS, we acknowledge the great job and considerable effort that Janie has put forth in running the Newsletter, first as Managing Editor and then as Newsletter Editor.  The editions she produced are a testimony to her enthusiasm and thoroughness and will be a hard act to follow.


Based on the discussions we had within the Communications Committee as well as input we received from our members, we have decided to move away from the concept of having a fixed Newsletter. This decision is based on the changes within the last few years in the way we all communicate. It is not clear yet how these changes will work out, but for now at least we have decided to post news more dynamically, as it becomes available, on our website and on our Facebook page.


We have also decided to move away from the idea of a single fixed Editor and instead to have multiple associated editors to submit articles / news related to bioelectromagnetics. This concept may seem very ambitious, but we think that it is the only way to gather information from different regions and from different scientific and cultural perspectives.


In order to provide interesting information from all parts of the world, we decided to include in the team providing news and articles all of our Communications Committee members and also all the BEMS Board members.  Each associate editor will be expected to gather at least one piece of news per bulletin. This way, we aim at providing interesting news from all over the world and from a range of perspectives. We will certainly include the sorts of things that have been published in the previous Newsletters, e.g. letters from the president, awards, and news on the upcoming BioEM meetings etc.


We also encourage your input, and we hope you can contribute by sending news and articles (laboratory activities, requests for partners on grant proposals, upcoming meetings/workshops, job announcements etc.). Please contact or for submissions and/or ideas.


The BEMS Board also decided to modernize the website, its layout, and items needed to present news to our members.  Jeff Carson, and his team from Lawson Research Health Institute, is in charge of running our website and also parts of our annual meeting  (e.g. abstract submissions, membership applications, and renewals).  He has agreed to work with us on this modernization project.  While prioritizing the most important things first, we have also discussed steps for the future, including the possibility of an online forum for members to discuss interesting issues.


In summary, we do not plan to abolish the BEMS Newsletter, but to refresh it, make it more flexible, gathering information from regions all over the world, and make the news available immediately.


Meike Mevissen - on behalf of the Communications Committee