How to insert a Partner/Sponsor into a Meeting?

First, you need to create a Partner document for each sponsor to the Meeting. For instructions follow How to create a Partner/Sponsor?

Once all Partners have been created for a meeting, go to the “Meetings” icon and click on “More” for the meeting and then “Edit”.

Please make sure not to change anything except for the Sponsors section of the form.

Find the Sponsors section.

Type the “Sponsors Titles” corresponding to the different categories required for the specific meeting (Sponsors or Gold/Silver/Bronze Sponsors, Exhibitors, Conference Organizers, etc). This would be the title as it will display on the program.

Under “Sponsors” for each of the Titles select the name of the corresponding “Group” field created on the Partners page. Note: If more than one type of sponsors are found in one meeting add a second/third Title and group.

"Sponsors titles" and "Sponsors" are linked to each other and need to be entered in a specific order.

When finished adding all categories for sponsors of the meeting scroll down the page and SAVE.


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