How to create a Society Business document?

Under "Secretary Tasks" select "Create Society Business Doc"

Complete Title, Body text, and Year
Format: Select "One Column" from the menu
Check that Document type is set to: "Society Business"
Publishing options: checkmark on "Published" (otherwise it will deny access to document)
Files: Start typing the name of the folder on Filedepot containing the files to view, and select from dropdown menu

Click on "Save"

The document title will be displayed under "Member Tasks" / "Society Business" organized by year

The "Read" button will open the document providing link to access Files if available.

NOTE: Filedepot files (folder) linked to these documents have to be created under the Parent folder "MembersOnly" / "Society" and inherit Parent permission when creating the new folder. Folder permissions should be set to allow "View Folder" to Role "member".

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