First Place Poster Award (EBEA Alessandro Chiabrera Memorial Award): Lieke Golbach

Published on: Sep 29, 2013

Real-time quantification of actin dynamics in stably expressing Lifeact-EGFP macrophages during LF-EMF exposure

Lieke Golbach1, Eline Verbon, Tijs Ketelaar, Huub Savelkoul & Lidy Verburg-van Kemenade 

1CBI, Wageningen, the Netherlands

Hi, my name is Lieke Golbach and I am a PhD student in the Cell Biology & Immunology group of the Wageningen University in the Netherlands. My project is entitled: Modulation of Immune Response through Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field (LF-EMF) exposure. The project is funded by the Dutch government in a special Research call of The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw).

My goal is to investigate potential modulatory effects of LF-EMF on cells of the immune system. With my background in cell biology, working on this interdisciplinary project poses interesting challenges for me.

The poster data on measurements of actin reorganization, presented at the BioEM 2013 conference in Thessaloniki, clearly show my vision on this project. I like to develop sophisticated and subtle measurements, to investigate potential influences of EMF on cellular behaviour. My poster illustrates that not only science regarding EMF exposure is evolving quickly, but also our knowledge of the intricate cellular regulation is making great progress.

New regulatory proteins with physiological importance are discovered and new subcellular techniques are designed. To investigate the issue of potential EMF influences there is an urgent need for the use of new sophisticated quantitative and high throughput analyses! I consider it fascinating to combine the best of two worlds.