233: Editor's Note

In this issue, we celebrate the contributions by students within BEMS in two important ways: 

  • first, this year’s d’Arsonval award winner, Frank Prato, reminds us that his students contributed much to the body of work associated with his lab, and 
  • second, we have the traditional texts from the students who were awarded for making the best platform or poster presentations at the recent annual meeting 

A technical review of Frank Prato’s contributions to bioelectromagnetics will be outlined in greater detail in an upcoming issue of the society’s journal, but his contributions to BEMS overall have been numerous and broad: from technical contributions to service on the board and as Past President of BEMS.  In all of these endeavors, he has expanded BEMS itself through his encouragement and support of a wide number of students.  So it seems fitting that we celebrate Frank's contributions in this issue of the newsletter that is otherwise devoted to student achievement.  

A total of twenty two countries were represented in student presentations.  The largest number of registered students came from Greece (9), followed by  France, Italy, and Switzerland from which were eight registered students.  Germany and USA had five students, Japan had four, and China had three.  Two students were registered from each of Belgium, Canada, Georgia, Hungary, South Korea, and Sweden, with one student from each of Australia, Austria, Finland, Netherlands, New Caledonia, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey.   Ultimately twelve students competed in the Platform presentation category and twenty two in the Poster sessions.