Help Shape the Future of BEMS

Authored by: Phil Chadwick

Published on: Aug 05, 2013

We have had a Development Committee, chaired by the President-elect, for many years. For as long as I can remember it has been charged with just one task: fundraising for the annual Scientific Meeting. With the move to joint BioEM meetings, the locus of fundraising has shifted naturally to the Local Organizing Committee (the Treasurers of the two Societies are members of the LOC at least in part for this reason). At its last meeting the BEMS Board returned the Development Committee to something nearer its original purpose, and asked it to come up with ideas to develop the Society such that it is better able to meet the demands of the future, as well as making it more attractive to new members. I have some ideas of what I would like to see, which I included in my recent election vision statement, and so do other members of the committee, but we would like to hear from you.


I know that we have had committees in the past that have had ideas, and that those ideas often have not really been followed through, but this time we have a source of funds (more than $50k) earmarked for Society development and an in-principle go-ahead from the BEMS Board that this money can be spent if we can come up with convincing reasons to spend it. This is probably one of the few chances to think of ways of spending money for the good of BEMS!


Please send ideas, views, or whatever you wish, to