2013 d’Arsonval Award: Frank S. Prato

This year, the Bioelectromagnetics Society will bestow its highest honor, the d’Arsonval Award, on Frank S Prato. Frank Prato received his BSc in Science, MSc  in Nuclear Physics, and PhD  in Medical Biophysics, all at the University of Toronto.  He has been at St Joseph's Hospital as Chief Medical Physicist, Lawson Health Research Institute as Assistant Scientific Director and the University of Western Ontario in the Departments of Medical Imaging, Medical Biophysics and Physics, since 1976.

In 1982, Frank's laboratory produced the first human Magnetic Resonance Imagine (MRI) in Canada. This development of MRI sparked his interest in the potential for magnetic fields to affect biological systems. Over the next 30 years Frank's laboratory made contributions to bioelectromagnetics with respect to the understanding of mechanisms and the application to medical therapy. He has also taken an administrative/leadership role in BEMS, serving a term as President, and in URSI.

Frank is particularly thankful to discussions with many at BEMS/EBEA meetings especially with luminaries such as Charles Polk, Valery Lednev and Guglielmo D'Inzeo. But, he notes, without the contributions of two exceptional students (Jeff Carson and Alex Thomas) he would not be receiving the d'Arsonval Award.   Frank will have more to say at his award ceremony, but upon learning of his award, he commented "I may stand on the shoulders of giants but without the dedication of my students the d'Arsonval Award would only be a dream!