Letter to Members from Incoming President Rich Nuccitelli

Authored by: Richard Nuccitelli

Published on: May 29, 2013

Dear Colleagues:

Photo of Richard Nuccitelli

As incoming President I would like to share with you some of my goals for BEMS during my tenure. We have been going through many changes over the past two years with the loss of our full-time office staff. The officers have lots more to do now, so it is important that we concentrate on those issues most important to you. Here are two areas where I’d like to focus my effort:

  • Increasing Membership
  • Annual Meeting

Increasing Membership: We must reverse the trend of declining membership. We can do that by making BEMS more attractive to scientists in our field:

  1. Adding a “Latest News” item to our website that reports on current events and hot topics in our field. This has been proposed by a Board of Directors Committee but the details of funding this have not yet been determined.
  2. Broadening our annual meeting plenary sessions as described below to attract more attendees. This year’s program is a good start.
  3. Beginning active outreach to scientists studying EMF by sending introductory emails to all authors in the BEMS Journal and Bioelectrochemistry, as well as those identified by a PUBMED search on “electric and magnetic field”.

Annual Meeting: Our Society represents all scientists studying the effects of electricity and magnetism on biological systems. This falls into three main groupings:

  1. Health Concerns from environmental and occupational exposure to electric and magnetic fields
  2. Biological Applications of electric or magnetic fields, both endogenous and manipulative in both plants and animals
  3. Medical Applications of electric or magnetic fields, both diagnostic and therapeutic

We need to attract scientists working in all of these areas to our meetings.  I propose to create a “Guide to the Technical Program Committee” that encourages the inclusion of Plenary and Platform Sessions in all three of these groups in the meeting topics.

Talk to me in Greece: I look forward to talking with each of you in Thessaloniki and will find a time during which I’ll be available for discussions to improve BEMS. I am eager to hear your suggestions and concerns and will actively present your suggestions to the Board of Directors so that we can make BEMS work better for all members. Please plan to share your ideas and concerns with me.

Richard Nuccitelli, President-Elect